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Scientifically, industrial Hemp and Marijuana are the same plant, with the genus and species name: Cannabis Sativa. Industrial Hemp is always a strain of Cannabis sativa, while marijuana can be Cannabis Sativa, Indica, or Ruderalis.

The major difference is how the industrial hemp is bred, compared to a marijuana form of Cannabis sativa. Industrial hemp is very fibrous with long strong stalks, and barely has any flowering buds. A marijuana strain of Cannabis sativa will be smaller, bushier, and full of flowering buds.

99% of the time, marijuana has a high amount of THC and a much lower amount of CBD. Hemp, in most cases, has naturally a high amount of CBD, and only a trace amount of THC. 

The cannabinoid profile of hemp is ideal for people looking for benefits from cannabis without getting “high”.  Hemp is used for making herbal supplements, food, fiber, rope, paper, bricks, oil, natural plastic, and so much more, whereas marijuana is usually used just recreationally, spiritually, and medicinally. 

The term cannabis oil can refer to either a marijuana or hemp derived oil, since marijuana and hemp are two different forms of cannabis.

CBD is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis and hemp plant that possesses a wide range of benefits. Unlike THC, it does not cause a “high”.

CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol and is in a prominent naturally occurring class of molecules – called cannabinoids – found in the plant genus Cannabis Sativa L. 

CBD comprises up to 40% of the plant and is one of over 60+ compounds found in cannabis.

CBD oil is derived from cannabis plants with high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and very low levels of THC. 

At Waves Products, our CBD oils will always have less than 0.2% THC. These extracts are used in paste form or mixed with other oils such as hemp seed oil to lower the viscosity of the extract. 

The cannabidiol (CBD) content of CBD oil varies tremendously, since the manufacturers use a varying assortment of cannabis plants and preparation techniques. We produce CBD oil with a high concentration of CBD and containing 0.054% THC.

For the best shelf life please refrigerate your CBD oil if possible.  Otherwise storing in a cool dark area will assure there is no loss in potency.  Don’t allow it to sit in direct sunlight.  If properly stored, CBD has around a 1-year shelf life.

The hemp oil in our product contains CBD which is a LEGAL cannabinoid derived from hemp. It contains minuscule amounts (parts per billion) of THC that COULD POSSIBLY show up in a drug screen. Waves Products cannot guarantee that you will (or will not) pass a drug screen due to the number of variables. 

Our products contain less than .3% THC (.054% to be exact). Drug screens vary, and some can be more sensitive than others. If you have to take a drug test, it is best to not use our product.

For our dietary supplements we can only recommend them for internal consumption. If you don’t like the flavor of the oil supplements, you can mix with something sweet like apple sauce or honey to cut through the flavor.  Oils are to be taken sublingually and held under your tongue for 60-90 seconds before being swallowed.

No. Our Hemp Extract products are all made from industrial hemp, which only has trace amounts of THC, so there is no psychoactive effect from taking our products. Our CBD Vape oil and CBD Isolate are 100% THC free. THC that is the psychoactive component of cannabis.

Our products contain less than .3% THC (.054% to be exact). Drug screens vary, and some can be more sensitive than others. If you have to take a drug test, it is best to not use our product.

Coming soon. 3rd party lab test on our oils pre-formulation.

You will normally receive your Waves product within 4 to 7 working days, please see our terms and conditions for special countries that take a longer time. However, there are things that may further delay your shipment which are out of our control.

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